Our breeding plan is currently focused on Speckled Sussex Chickens.  They make an excellent dual purpose breed. 



They are easy keepers and make great pets with purpose.  Roosters are gentle (or they are butchered - we don't put up with nonsense here) and take care of their hens.  Extra roosters also make excellent table birds.  Hens are great layers and moms.  


While we prefer that nature take its course and chickens brood and hatch their own chicks we do also help them along by incubating and brooding chicks as well.  Hatching begins in February of each year.





Chicks 0-8 weeks old


$2.50 each regardless of gender. 








Pullets & Cockerels 8-16 weeks old


$12.00 each


Cockerels not purchased by the time they reach 12 weeks of age are processed for meat.






Laying Hens & Roosters 16 weeks +


$20 each

As participants in the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) our flock is tested annually and found to be Avian Influenza and Pullorom-Typhoid clean.  Testing takes place each February.