ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our goal is to provide the ideal homestead dairy goat.  We breed for dairy conformation primarily with a secondary focus on show quality.  We produce friendly, loving goats that make excellent milkers, and show animals and pets using the best genetic lines available to us.  


Discounts are available for multiple animal purchases, 4H members, and Herds participating in DHIA testing and/or Linear appraisals.


Unless otherwise stated all wethers are sold as unregistered.  If registration is required for 4H showing or other reasons additional fees will apply to the advertised price.  Please notify us as soon as possible if you wish to have a wether registered to allow time for processing.


All kids are disbudded in first two weeks of age.  If you require a kid with horns in tact you must make arrangements before this time.  



All males are wethered between the ages of three and four months of age.  All males produced from a first freshener and/or unproven doe will be wethered.  Only the best of our breeding stock will be sold as a herd sire.  If you wish a buck from a particular breeding please make your request as soon as possible.