Registered Goats

Our goal is to provide the ideal homestead dairy goat. We produce friendly, loving goats that make excellent milkers, pets, and show animals using the best genetic lines available to us.  All purebred goats are registered with ADGA and all miniature goats are registered with MDGA with cross registering where applicable.


All live animal purchases are to be concluded on farm.  Broke Hen Farm does not transport any live animal to buyer under any circumstances.

We are very dedicated to the health and well being of our livestock. Our animals, at time of sale, will be in good health, eating, drinking, kept at proper temperatures and properly groomed for the season. By removing the animal from Broke Hen Farm's premises purchaser assumes full responsibility for the animal's health and well being.  Broke Hen Farm will not be responsible for the health of any animals sold once it has left our property due to our inability to oversee husbandry skills and farm practices for any animal once it has left our premises.  We do our best to provide quality animals but cannot guarantee egg or milk production, fertility, or show quality of animals once they have left our premises.  We want our animals to remain healthy and well cared for once they leave our property and are available for consultation 24/7 to our customers should they require information or advice regarding any animal purchased from us.  We are NOT veterinarians and any advice we give is intended to supplement that of a licensed veterinarian and not to supersede it.  We encourage you to please seek the help of a licensed veterinarian in any and all health matters concerning your animals.





If at any time after purchase you decide you can not care for any animal you have purchased from us please contact us and we will help you arrange re-homing of the animal.  If your animal cannot be re-homed we will accept returned animals but we do NOT give refunds for any reason.  Every animal that comes to our farm after leaving it must undergo a strict quarantine in order to guarantee the health of our flocks/herd already on site.