raw goats milk

In compliance with North Carolina state laws, we offer raw goats milk only

for animal consumption or craft use



Available for $10 per gallon or $4 per quart


Want to make your own beauty & household products with goats milk, but without the expense and responsibility of goat ownership?


Have a young or infirm animal that requires nutritious and easily digestible food? 


Why goat milk? Goat milk is different from cow milk in it's chemical composition.  Goat milk protein is a less complex protein than that is found in cow milk making it more easily digested, and less likely to stimulate an allergic reaction.  The fat molecules in goat's milk are much smaller than that of cow's milk (1/5 the size) which allows the body to break down the milk faster and more thoroughly.  Goat's milk helps to increase the ph level in the blood stream and boost the immune system.  Goat milk contains many of the same vitamins, minerals, protein, electrolytes, enzymes, trace elements and fatty acids found in cows milk.  Our goats milk remains in it's natural raw state in order to avoid the destruction of the natural enzymes and nutrients that are destroyed by the pasteurization and homogenization processes.  Raw goat milk is a source of easily digested probiotics that can help with many chronic diseases, including liver disease, malnutrition, kidney disease, kidney stones, diabetes, heavy metal poisoning, poor digestion, diarrhea and more*.  Supplement your animal's diet with raw goat milk and reap the many health rewards of your investment.  


Goats milk is also the secret ingredient to add a luxurious feel and nutritional benefits to your homemade body soap, face cream, lip balm, hair masks, face wash, laundry detergent and more!  What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body.  


NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. IT IS NOT LEGAL TO SELL RAW MILK FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION IN NORTH CAROLINA.  Use of our raw goat's milk for human consumption as a beverage, or as an ingredient in yogurts, ice creams, kefir, egg nog, pudding, cheeses, butters, and other products for human consumption is contrary to the intended marketing of Broke Hen Farm. 

Buck Service

You want goats milk, but you can't get the milk without breeding the doe.  This is a common dilemma among new homesteaders and those looking to provide milk for their families.  We've been there and we'd like to help.


We offer "driveway breeding" Buck Service (Stud Service) for $75/doe bred regardless of which buck you choose.


If you prefer to leave your doe(s) with us in order to ensure the doe has settled we can provide boarding for a daily fee to all does who meet our health requirements.


In order to maintain the health of our herd, all does must be approved, in writing, by a Broke Hen Farm representative prior to the doe entering the property.  All does to be bred must provide proof of a clean CAE/CL/Johnes test taken within 365 days of breeding date as well as a clean fecal test within the 30 days prior to breeding. Advance scheduling is required prior to breeding to guarantee availability of the service buck requested. Should the buck you reserved become unavailable for any reason we will contact you as far in advance as possible so that you can make other arrangements.


Buck Leasing and Artificial Insemination is not available at this time.

Sales Policies

All sales are final.

All live animal purchases are to be concluded on farm.  Broke Hen Farm does not transport any live animal to buyer under any circumstances.

We are very dedicated to the health and well being of our livestock. Our animals, at time of sale, will be in good health, eating, drinking, kept at proper temperatures and properly groomed for the season. By removing the animal from Broke Hen Farm's premises purchaser assumes full responsibility for the animal's health and well being.  Broke Hen Farm will not be responsible for the health of any animals sold once it has left our property due to our inability to oversee husbandry skills and farm practices for any animal once it has left our premises.  We do our best to provide quality animals but cannot guarantee egg or milk production, fertility, or show quality of animals once they have left our premises.  We want our animals to remain healthy and well cared for once they leave our property and are available for consultation 24/7 to our customers should they require information or advice regarding any animal purchased from us.  We are NOT veterinarians and any advice we give is intended to supplement that of a licensed veterinarian and not to supersede it.  We encourage you to please seek the help of a licensed veterinarian in any and all health matters concerning your animals.


If at any time after purchase you decide you can not care for any animal you have purchased from us please contact us and we will help you arrange re-homing of the animal.  If your animal cannot be re-homed we will accept returned animals but we do NOT give refunds for any reason.  Every animal that comes to our farm after leaving it must undergo a strict quarantine in order to guarantee the health of our flocks/herd already on site.


Table eggs are handled according to NC Egg Law regulations in order to ensure safe consumption.  Once the eggs leave our possession Broke Hen Farm, LLC is no longer liable for the condition of the eggs.  As such, no returns or exchanges will be made.